Shipping to Canada - possible delays.

We were having an issue with delays in packages sent to Canada. However, as of May 2018 we have only had one "lost" package into Canada for the last five months. We think the efforts the Canada Post put in place have worked!

Below is an older post (of some earlier issues):

We are currently having an issue with delays with SOME packages sent to Canada. According to Canada Post: "Canada Post is working in partnership with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) to resolve delays in processing international inbound mail through its Vancouver facility. As the gateway into Canada delays at the Vancouver facility are primarily for items originating from postal administrations worldwide. All international items sent from foreign posts entering the Canadian Postal system are made available for customs review by the CBSA at one of Canada’s three international postal clearance facilities." We apologize for any delays and are working with Canada Post to keep you up to date.

Further to deliveries and delays:

A $200-million Canada Post processing plant that opened in Richmond, B.C. earlier this year (A LOT OF PACKAGES COMING INTO CANADA - EAST AND WEST - FROM THE US COME THROUGH THIS PLANT) is experiencing technical difficulties with its automated sorting system, creating backlogs and delays in mail delivery services, according to union officials and customers. Kim Evans, president of the Vancouver local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, says the issue is a systemic problem with the large-scale automated system at the new plant situated close to the Vancouver International Airport. CUPW Local president Kim Evans say that parcels are getting stuck in the automated system, creating delays. (CBC) "Parcels are getting stuck essentially, that's the simplest way of putting it," he said.

"It doesn't work properly. They have people with 12 foot-long sticks; they poke these things off the belt to get them back going again. In the meantime, things get jammed, the system gets clogged up, and it goes around and around again. Evans says the problem is having a knock-on effect that is country-wide.

A press release announcing the construction of the Richmond plant states that "Vancouver is one of Canada Post’s three international access points for parcels, packets and letters, and the centre of the company’s western operations.”


An unusually icy winter is at least partially to blame for weeks-long delays in the delivery of Vancouver mail, Canada Post says. At an apartment complex in the Crescent Beach neighbourhood of South Surrey, not a single person has received any mail in two weeks. Many who still receive bills or cheques by mail are worried, and some are still waiting for parcels. In some occasions, mail is still being delivered, but is coming to recipients several weeks late.

A carrier with Canada Post said he's never seen the situation so bad. "Several routes every day are being left in the depot, some of them for days at a time."

"Contractually and legally (Canada Post is) required to deliver mail every day to every citizen, and they just decided they weren't going to do that," he said.

In a statement to CTV News, Canada Post said the weather was the major factor in delays, and that it has "called on all available resources" to catch up with deliveries. Most staff members are working overtime, and some are even working Sundays.