The Grey Fox (DVD)

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The Grey Fox 1982 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Full Frame. Color.

Starring: Richard Farnsworth, Jackie Burroughs, Ken Pogue.

In this film based on a true story, Bill Miner (Richard Farnsworth) is a fearless stagecoach robber in the days of the Wild West. After he is arrested and jailed for more than 30 years, he re-emerges into a bustling new world. But Miner cannot give up his old ways. Soon he pulls off a successful railway heist and goes on the lam in British Columbia, where he falls for bold photographer Katherine Flynn (Jackie Burroughs). But Miner was not built for settling down.

A brilliant performance by Farnsworth and a lovely Celtic score by The Chieftains adds to the shine of this classic and unique Western.