Take The High Ground!

Take The High Ground!

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Take The High Ground! (1953) DVD Region One Color 101 minutes

Starring: Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Elaine Stewart, Russ Tamblyn and Jerome Courtland

Richard Widmark turns callow young men into fighting machines in this engaging boot-camp drama co-starring Karl Malden and directed by Richard Brooks. As war rages in Korea, a new crop of US Army recruits report for basic training, where drill sergeants Ryan (Widmark) and Holt (Malden) have 16 weeks to make them combat-ready. While Holt lends a sympathetic ear and is well-regarded by the troops, Ryan relies solely on tough tactics to whip them into shape. As his brutal methods are questioned by Holt and he becomes involved with an unhappy war widow (Elaine Stewart), Ryan wrestles with the problems of training soldiers while romancing a troubled young woman…

Take the High Ground! was shot on location at Fort Bliss, Texas and received a well-earned 1953 Oscar nomination for Writing (Story and Screenplay).

“The acting by all under the direction of Richard Brooks has the slickness and precision of movement of a well-geared machine. It does move with vigor and excitement.” – New York Times