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Bodyline (1984) Australian mini-series 3-Disc set Hugo Weaving & Gary Sweet

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Bodyline (1984)   DVD (Region One – Playable in US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Beautiful picture and sound. Color. English. 3-DVD Set - 5 hr 30 min (330 min) (7 episodes) New lower price!

Starring: Gary Sweet, Hugo Weaving, Jim Holt, Rhys McConnochie and Frank Thring. Produced by George Miller, Byron Kennedy and Terry Hayes. Directed by Denny Lawrence, Lex Marinos, George Ogilvie and Carl Schultz. Written by Robert Caswell, Lex Marinos, Denny Lawrence and Terry Hayes.

This mini-series recreates the 1932-33 cricket test series that threatened ties between Australia and England and changed cricket forever.

Dramatization of the 1932/33 Test cricket series between England and Australia. Played in Australia, the series gained notoriety in Australian and worldwide cricketing history for the fact that the English team (headed by captain Douglas Jardine) applied a bowling technique called "fast leg theory", or more commonly, Bodyline. This technique involved bowlers bowling the ball directly at the batsman's body, and resulted in many of the Australian team receiving numerous bruises and injuries, with batsman Bert Oldfield sustaining a cracked skull. The series generated much anger and resentment towards the English team within Australia and seriously damaged Anglo-Australian cricketing relations at the time.

“The day England declared war on Australia.”