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About Us & FAQs

Welcome to The Vermont Movie Store!

Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions:

“When you ship my order will I receive tracking information?”
*Upon shipping we send the USPS Tracking information in an e-mail. It is sent to the e-mail address given on your order. Because the information contains links it may be in your trash or spam file.

“By what method do you ship items and what are you shipping hours and daily cut-off times?”
*We ship almost exclusively via The United States Postal Service on Monday - Friday (except holidays). With very few exceptions, we do not ship on weekends. Our daily cut-off time for shipping is 3:00pm PST. If you use a free shipping code or qualify for free shipping - the method of shipping is at our discretion and our choice.

“How long – from the time of my order – can I expect my order to be shipped?”
*We try our best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible (usually within three days of your order – if you meet the cut-off time), but there are certain times (holidays, etc.) and certain events which make titles more popular - and therefore - less available at any given time.

"What about shipping into Canada?"
*For our Canadians customers: while we provide you with the USPS Tracking Number at the time your order is processed for shipping, this number (starting with “UM”) will most likely NOT be trackable through the on-line tracking services of However, it will be trackable when you phone CanadaPost (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. ET / Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET) at the following numbers:  1-866-607-6301 (or Outside of Canada: 1-416-979-3033). The wait time are usually very short (two – three minutes) and the agents are super friendly and informative.

“If I need something quickly how can I ask to make certain it ships as soon as possible?”
*If you have a need – an event or something – please let us know (in the comments section of your order) and we will try our very best to get the items to you when you need them.

"Do you accommodate drop-shippers?"
*If you are purchasing as a present or if you are purchasing to drop-ship, please let us know. And let us know what sort of enclosure you would like (if any). We will be happy to try and accommodate any request that you may have.

“How do I know if a certain title is available through The Vermont Movie Store?”
*If you have questions about availability – please ask – we will try to answer you quickly.

“Do all DVDs come in cases or are they in paper envelopes or what? Are these new or used?”
*All titles are NEW & sealed DVDs, with full menus, packaging and disc artwork. No paper envelopes. Cover images may change at any time without prior notification. Content will remain the same, but covers may change, at the wish of the distributor.

“Do you sell MOD?”
*Some of the titles we offer are DVD-R. DVD-Rs are used to manufacture our movies on demand (MOD). Manufacturing on demand enables us to offer video content that might not otherwise be available. By eliminating inventory, waste and inefficiencies in the distribution system, on-demand manufacturing provides the added benefit of helping preserve the environment.

"Do your DVDs have sub-titles or close-captions?"
*We understand that some people are hard of hearing or just prefer movies with close captions. We try, whenever possible, to offer movies that way and when we can we always mention it in the description of the DVD. No mention – no subtitles.

“Can I play these DVDs on regular DVD players in the US?”
*All DVDs are Region 1 or 0 and will play in all standard North American (United States and Canada) DVD players. (DVDs may also play in players outside North America.)

“What is the capital of Vermont?”
* Montpelier is the capital city of the state of Vermont and the seat of Washington County. As the site of Vermont's state government, it is the least populous state capital in the United States. The population was 7,855 at the 2010 Census.

"Can you do special requests for gifts, etc.?"
* If you are purchasing as a present or if you are purchasing to drop-ship, please let us know. And let us know what sort of enclosure you would like (if any). We will be happy to try and accommodate any request that you may have.

"What is your return policy?"
* A DVD can only be returned if defective for a replacement DVD of the same title. In special circumstances, a store credit may be issued in exchange for another title, at the staff's discretion.

“How can I pay for an order?”
*If a customer does not have a credit or debit card - they can always use a pre-paid gift card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), available at most major supermarkets, department stores, and banks. We also accept Mail Orders.

“Is your credit card ordering process safe and secure?”
*The Vermont Movie Store's e-commerce platform is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant ensuring maximum protection for our customers.

“Do you accept checks and money orders for mail orders?”
*We accept mail orders with check or money order payments. (Contact us for further details.)
If you prefer to order by mail (with check or money order) please contact us - prior to ordering - so that we can give you an accurate cost (as a rule of thumb, the approximate cost will be: the cost of the item plus $4.47 per item S&H):

The Vermont Movie Store
Attn - Mail Order Dept.
22647 Ventura Blvd. Suite 176
Woodland Hills CA 91364

“What is the cut-off time daily for Express shipping? How many days a week do you ship?”
*Our cut-off deadline for Express Mail is 3:00pm (Pacific Time Zone) Monday through Friday. Of course, we accept Express Mail orders after that time - each day - but if an order is posted later than 3:00pm (Pacific Time Zone) we may not ship it until the next business day. Signatures are required on all Express Mail orders.

“Do you ship outside the US? Do you ship to APOs and FPOs? Can you ship to a PO Box?”
*We proudly ship WORLDWIDE, as well as, to: Post Office Boxes, APOs and FPOs.

“Where can I write to The Vermont Movie Store?”
*Our Shipping and Fulfillment Department can be contacted at:    

The Vermont Movie Store
Shipping & Fulfillment Department
22647 Ventura Blvd. Suite 176
Woodland Hills CA 91364


Feel free to contact us there! If you have special request please let us know! We would love to serve you better.

*Do you have a phone number?
We do not have a phone number, but we can be reached at - we respond within 24 hours to all inquiries, usually sooner!

To contact us about any issue not covered by this information please email us:

We love to hear from you!