The Vermont Movie Store! A place for movie lovers to find rare, classic movies on DVD!

Our Story

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

We love movies.

Yes, we love all of those guilty pleasures watched on TV at 2:00 am and those big-screen epics and the documentaries shown in our history classes in college. Movies. Funny. Serious. Teachable. We love them all. And we know that you love them, too.

We met in the dark. The dark of a movie theater. And we are in love. In love with what is up on the screen and we wanted to bring it home.

We liked to be scared in the dark. We like it when something on the screen makes us jump or cry or laugh or think. We really like it when it makes us think. We like it when movies make us remember: people, events, places, sounds.

And we know you like that, too. And that is why we offer what we do. We love them and we hope that you love them, too. Thank you for sharing these with us.

Contact us here:

The Vermont Movie Store
22647 Ventura Blvd. Suite 176
Woodland Hills CA 91364


 Some of you have asked, "But why Vermont?"

A wonderful couple started The Vermont Movie Store many years ago and named it that because they both truly love Vermont. They didn't live there (for most of their lives) but they spent every Christmas and many summers in Stowe and Lake Champlain and loved the people, the places, the mountains - in short just about everything.

They had plans a few years ago to move to Burlington but the husband, Randy, became ill and sadly passed away. His wife, Barbara, said she would never re-name the company because - even though she is not a Vermonter - her heart is there. The name of the company is a combination of the two things they loved so very much: movies and Vermont.

And here he is - Randy, enjoying a cup of good mountain coffee!