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To ALL of our international customers

Update for 2022 - shipping outside the US has been a real roller coaster of late (some are fast, some are slow, no pattern to where or why), we still need to be mindful of some delays that still may occur due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

To our dearest friends outside the US. We appreciate your orders and your mutual love for the movies we offer, however, during the Covid-19 Pandemic shipping (inside and especially outside the US) has been delayed.

According to the USPS: "Due to limited air cargo capacity, the U.S. Postal Service is shifting select mail from air transport to sea transport in an effort to move mail from the U.S. to international destinations."

ALL orders may be delayed. We ship them out quickly and they just take longer to arrive to their destination. If you do not find that acceptable please do not place an order. Even though we love you and appreciate your orders – we do not want to turn around after two weeks and process a full refund because the world has changed. We haven’t changed – just international shipping. And to those who night posit: “Why don’t you just use another carrier?” Two things: 1. The USPS offers - by far - the lowest shipping rates for carriers we would even consider and 2. EVERY OTHER CARRIER is facing the same issues and problems. No one is immune from the delays.

So – if the updated Covid-19 Worldwide Pandemic timeline is not acceptable to you – please do not place your order. We will not be processing refunds based on outmoded timelines for delivery.

We know all of this will change back – but when – we have no way of knowing and we are currently dealing with the world that is – not with the world the way we wish it were.

We gladly accept orders and will ship all in a timely manner.