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Crack-Up (1946) DVD Pat O'Brien, Herbert Marshall, Ray Collins, Claire Trevor, Wallace Ford and Dean Harens.

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Crack-Up (1946) Black and White Approx. 93 min. Region One – playable in North America – the US, Canada, etc. Shown in its original 1.33:1 aspect ratio

Starring: Pat O'Brien, Herbert Marshall, Ray Collins, Claire Trevor, Dean Harens, Wallace Ford and Mary Ware. Written by Ben Bengal, John Paxton, Ray Spencer and Fredric Brown (from his short story "Madman's Holiday") Directed by Irving Reis.

After a train wreck sends art critic George Steele (Pat O'Brien) into a mental tailspin, he's fired from his job at a New York art museum. Seems unjust -- until you learn there was no train wreck. This relentless, nervy film noir explores the sinister world of violence and the monied world of aesthetics as Steele's attempt to reconstruct what really happened leads him to murder, mania and an international conspiracy that threatens the museum's masterpieces. Herbert Marshall (Foreign Correspondent, The Letter) joins the hunt as a mysterious Brit who's awfully chummy with the cops. And noir great Claire Trevor (Murder, My Sweet; Key Largo) plays Steele's sweetheart, a savvy journalist who may know more a lot more than she's telling.

“One hour of mental darkness threatens a man's whole life...turns trust into suspicion...tender love into burning hate!”