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Freud (The Secret Passion) DVD 1962 Montgomery Clift, Susannah York and David McCallum Directed by John Huston

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Freud (The Secret Passion) 1962 DVD. (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Widescreen. Black & White. Restored.

Starring: Montgomery Clift, Susannah York, Larry Parks, Eric Portman, David McCallum, and Susan Kohner. Written by Charles Kaufman, Wolfgang Reinhardt, and Jean-Paul Sartre. Directed by John Huston.

This pseudo-biographical movie depicts five years - beginning in 1885 - in the life of the legendary Viennese psychologist Sigmund Freud. Disillusioned with the way his colleagues refuse to treat patients in a mental asylum, following a trip to Paris to visit Dr Charcot he sees how hysterical patients are treated by means of hypnosis. Experimenting with these new techniques, Freud concentrates on Cecily Koertner, a young woman suffering a nervous and physical breakdown upon the death of her father.

This print is fully restored to its original running time.