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Gold of the Seven Saints (1961) DVD Clint Walker, Roger Moore, Leticia Roman, Gene Evans and Vito Scotti. Now Colorized!

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Gold of the Seven Saints (1961) COLORIZED Region One – playable in North America – the US, Canada, etc. Widescreen Approx. 88 Min.

Starring: Clint Walker, Roger Moore, Robert Middleton, Chill Wills, Letícia Román, Gene Evans and Vito Scotti. Now Colorized! Written by Leigh Brackett and Leonard Freeman, based on “Desert Guns” 1957 novel by Steve Frazee. Directed by Gordon Douglas.

Two fur traders, Jim Rainbolt (Clint Walker) and Shaun Garrett (Roger Moore), stumble across a big gold strike. With the ruthless bandit McCracken (Gene Evans) and his men in relentless pursuit, they hide the gold behind a giant boulder. Shaun is wounded, but Doc Gates (Chill Wills) shows up out of nowhere and patches him up and is made a full partner. They take refuge at the ranch of Amos Gondora, an old friend of Jim's. There they are introduced to Gondora's so-called "ward", an Indian maiden called Tita (Letícia Román). That night some of McCracken's men stage a stampede and draw Jim and Gondora away. While they are gone, McCracken and some men ride up and take Shaun and Doc captive. He kills Doc because he is unable to tell the hiding place of the gold.

Poets And Dreamers... Brave Men And Bullet-In-The-Back Men Came After It... But First There Was A Secret To Unravel... The Mystery Of A Thousand Years!