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Hollywood or Bust (1956) DVD Martin & Lewis - Their last film together

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Hollywood or Bust (1956) Color Region One DVD

Starring Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Pat Crowley, Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom, and gorgeous Anita Ekberg. Directed by Frank Tashlin.

Due to a scam that fell through, gambler Steve Wiley (Dean Martin) finds himself on a road trip to California with film fanatic Malcolm Smith (Jerry Lewis) and his Great Dane, Mr. Bascom. Steve is on the run from his debt to Bookie Benny (Maxie Rosenbloom), and Malcolm is trying to meet actress Anita Ekberg. Soon, they are joined by singer Terry Roberts (Pat Crowley), who's on her way to Las Vegas. As Steve falls for Terry, he tries to figure out how to pay back his debtors.

Classic Martin and Lewis comedy. This was the last film that Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin appeared in together.