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It Happened to Jane (1959) DVD Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs and Steve Forrest

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It Happened to Jane 1959 DVD Color Widescreen (Region One – Playable in North America – The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Starring: Doris Day, Ernie Kovacs, Jack Lemmon and Steve Forrest. Written by Norman Katkov and Max Wilk. Directed by Richard Quine.

After a shipment of fresh lobsters isn't delivered on time to Jane Osgood (Doris Day) - a widowed mother of two running a failing restaurant supply business – she hires her lawyer friend and admirer George Denham (Jack Lemmon) to sue the railroad company and the railroad's tyrannical owner, Harry Foster Malone (Ernie Kovacs). Jane wins in her local courthouse, but Malone agrees to pay only for the lobsters, not damages. She refuses his offer on principle and the battle is on. The court case generates lots of publicity and Osgood becomes famous. A charismatic news reporter (Steve Forrest) takes to Osgood, but that doesn't sit well with Denham, who also has eyes for her!

“It could have happened to anyone, but It Happened To Jane!”