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Mindwalk (DVD) 1990 Sam Waterston, Liv Ullman & John Heard - New Lower price

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Mindwalk  1990 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color. Full Frame. New, lower price!

Starring: Sam Waterston, Liv Ullmann, John Heard, Ione Skye. Written by (story) Bernt Amadeus Capra, (screenplay) Floyd Byars and Fritjof Capra. Directed by Bernt Amadeus Capra.

"A film for passionate thinkers."

Movie based on ideas from Fritjof Capra's book entitled 'The Turning Point'.

A US politician visits his poet friend in Mont. St. Michael, France. While walking through the medieval island discussing their philosophies of life they happen upon Sonja, a scientist in recluse, who joins in their conversation. The two men listen to the ideas of this brilliant woman and discuss how her ideas can work in their own politician and poet lives.

"Ullmann, Waterston and Heard are such expert actors that they're able to bend the script's seeming didacticism: Ullmann by a quiet intensity that recalls her best roles for Ingmar Bergman; Waterston by a halting, gravelly, almost ingenuous phrasing that suggests Jerry Brown trying to be Jimmy Stewart; and Heard by a flow of spontaneous wisecracks." - The Los Angeles Times