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Mister Moses (DVD) 1965 Robert Mitchum, Carroll Baker, Ian Bannen, Alexander Knox and Raymond St. Jacques

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Mister Moses 1965 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color. Full Frame. Rare find, limited availability.

Starring: Robert Mitchum, Carroll Baker, Ian Bannen, Alexander Knox, Raymond St. Jacques. Written by Charles Beaumont, Max Catto (novel) and Monja Danischewsky Directed by Ronald Neame

Joe Moses (Robert Mitchum) is thrown into a river by Africans he's attempting to swindle. When a missionary's daughter, Julie Anderson (Carroll Baker), rescues him, Joe agrees to convince the natives to leave before a dam floods their village. Trying to win the tribe over with a magic show, Joe sets a bush on fire to convince them he is the Old Testament's Moses. Despite the mistrust of Ubi (Raymond St. Jacques), the witch doctor's U.S.-educated son, Joe begins to lead the tribe to safety.

*Very few prints of MISTER MOSES exist. After an extensive search we found what we believe to be the best surviving elements. We are pleased to make this available here on DVD. The quality is not great – and one should not expect state-of-the-art re-mastered quality - but it is a treasure for those who truly wish to see this wonderful film.