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Murder In Coweta County (1983) DVD Johnny Cash, Andy Griffith and June Carter Cash

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Murder In Coweta County 1983 DVD (Region 1) Color. Approx. 100 min. Shown in its original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Full-frame. Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.

Starring: Johnny Cash, Andy Griffith, June Carter Cash. Written by Dennis Nemec and Margaret Anne Barnes. Directed by Gary Nelson.

The year was 1948. John Wallace (Andy Griffith) was a powerful, feared man whose family holdings in Meriwether County, Georgia, were known as "The Kingdom." But when he kills a poor tenant farmer in front of eight witnesses, the law was bound to catch up with him. In his contempt for the law, Wallace had inadvertently crossed the county line from Meriwether into Coweta - Sheriff Lamar Potts' (Johnny Cash) county. And the sheriff pursues him relentlessly. Potts ignores threats and pleas as he conducts his investigation, eventually arresting the sheriff of Meriwether County, who was protecting Wallace; and finally scrapes up just enough corpus delicti to fill a small cartridge box. The trial that followed was the first in Georgia in which a white man - one who held such great power locally - is held accountable for the killing a black man. A riveting true story with unforgettable performances and vivid locations. A keeper.

"The Kingdom" a backwoods dynasty of moonshine and murder. This is the story of the man who ran it, and the man who crushed it.

Based on a True Story