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The Pearl (1947) 2-Disc Set! Pedro Armendariz and Marie Elena Marques - Spanish and English versions

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The Pearl DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) 1947. 2-Disc Set. English Language Version & Spanish Language Version with English subtitles. Black & White.

Starring: Pedro Armendariz, Marie Elena Marques, Fernando Wagner, Alfonso Bedoya, Gilberto Gonzalez, Charles Rooner, Juan Garcia, Luz Alba, Richard Anderson. Written by Jack Wagner, Emilio Fernandez based on the novel by Jack Steinbeck. Directed by Emilio Fernandez.

Quino (Pedro Armendariz), a fisherman, finds a huge, perfect pearl, a treasure that he believes will change his life, bring him money and respect, and allow him to provide for his wife, Juana (Marie Elena Marques), and their son. His life does indeed change, but for the worse. He is beset by avaricious hyenas who bilk him, physically hurt him, murder his child, and eventually turn him into a killer.

Despite the hardships of poverty, Quino was far happier scuffling for his living and barely managing to scrape by. At the end of this brief, beautifully photographed story, Quino realizes that the pearl has brought him nothing but pain and heartbreak. He makes a final, desperate gesture hoping it will restore his former life to him. The Pearl is about the big things in people's lives, wealth, power, joy, and sorrow, and it brings its lesson in values home in memorable fashion. Based upon John Steinbeck's classic tale, this magnificent and simple adaptation is painstakingly faithful to the novel, from start to finish. An important film that deserves repeat viewings.

Suitable for classrooms and all ages. 2 Disc Set.

 "This is a story that old men tell to children. They aren't sure where it happened or when."