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Private Schulz - Complete on 2-Disc Set! Michael Elphick, Rula Lenska and Ian Richardson.

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Private Schulz DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Complete Series. 2 Discs. Color. Beautifully re-mastered.

Starring: Michael Elphick, Ian Richardson, Rula Lenska. Written by Jack Pulman. Directed by Robert Chetwyn.

Wildly popular comedy drama series from the early 1980s, which won a posthumous British Television Society award for writer Jack Pulman, about a WWII conman reluctantly seconded into the SS, who dreams up a plan to swamp Britain with fake five-pound notes. When convict Schulz (Michael Elphick) is released from his work in an underpants factory into the caring arms of the SS, he hopes he can simply sit out the war and maybe accumulate some illicit funds along the way. Soon though, he's helping to capture British agents and bugging the rooms of the German soldiers' favorite brothel. When he witnesses the British dropping propaganda leaflets on the German population, he has an inspiration, coming up with the idea of flooding the British Isles with fake fivers. Always at odds with his incompetent SS boss Major Neuheim (Ian Richardson), Schulz eagerly sets out to get his plan off the ground, and hopefully line his pockets at the same time.