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Say Amen, Somebody (DVD) 1982 Thomas A Dorsey, The Barrett Sisters - A must see and hear!

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Say Amen, Somebody 1982 DVD Color Approx. 100 min. (Region One – Playable in the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Featuring: Willie Mae Ford Smith, Thomas A Dorsey, Delois Barrett Campbell and The Barrett Sisters, The O’Neal Twins, Sallie Martin, Zella Jackson Price. Documentary directed by George T Nierenberg.

“Say Amen, Somebody” is an exuberant documentary spotlighting the special world of gospel music. At least two dozen hand-clapping songs are featured within the film's joyous 100 minutes. Special emphasis is given the lives and careers of two giants in the business: Singers "Mother" Willie Mae Ford Smith and "Professor" Thomas A. Dorsey. Other artists spotlighted at work and at leisure include Sallie Martin, the Barrett Sisters, and the O'Neal Twins. Just try sitting still in your chair while experiencing "Say Amen, Somebody".

 “Say Amen, Somebody is the most joyful movie I've seen in a very long time. It is also one of the best musicals and one of the most interesting documentaries. And it's also a terrific good time.” - Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun Times

“Engaging, gospel-infused tribute to the black men and women who first began combining the heart and soul of Negro spirituals with the infectious rhythms of jazz and blues." - Decent Film Guides