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Trader Horn (1973) DVD Rod Taylor, Anne Heyward, Jean Sorel, Don Knight and Ed Bernard

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Trader Horn (1973) DVD Color Approx. 100 Min. Region One – playable in North America – the US, Canada, etc.

Starring: Rod Taylor, Anne Heywood, Jean Sorel, Don Knight, Ed Bernard, Stack Pierce, Erik Holland, Robert Miller Driscoll and Solomon Karriem. Written by Edward Harper, Ethelreda Lewis (novel) and William W. Norton. Directed by Reza Badiyi.

During World War I, Alfred Aloysius "Trader" Horn (Rod Taylor) leads an expedition in search of a platinum mine in an unexplored region of Africa. The trio encounter warring natives, rhinos and lions. They travel through jungle, swamps, and desert. They are pursued by German soldiers wanting the platinum for the war effort and by a British officer (Don Knight) hunting Horn as a traitor.

“The anti-hero image was stretched as far as it could go. I think people now want to see a good guy win out over the bad guys through intelligence, courage and strength – the traditional makeup of hero types.”  Rod Taylor