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The Lion (1962) DVD William Holden, Trevor Howard, Capucine, Pamela Franklin, Makara Kwaiha Ramadhani, Zakee and Paul Oduor

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The Lion (1962) Color (Region One – Playable in US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Beautiful picture and sound. Approx. 92 min. Widescreen, shown in original 2.35:1 ratio

Starring: William Holden, Trevor Howard, Capucine, Pamela Franklin, Makara Kwaiha Ramadhani, Zakee, Paul Oduor, Samuel Obiero Romboh  Written by Irene Kamp and Louis Kamp (screenplay). Based on the novel by Joseph Kessel. Cinematography by Ted Scaife Directed by Jack Cardiff

Young Tina (Pamela Franklin) lives with her mother (Capucine) and stepfather (Trevor Howard) on a wildlife reserve in Kenya. While her stepfather believes this is a wonderful environment for her to grow up in, her mother becomes increasingly concerned by her behavior. Following a summons from his ex-wife (Tina’s biological father), American lawyer Robert Hayward (William Holden) arrives at the East African game reserve supervised by John Bullitt, Christine's new husband.  Christine asks Robert to help bring up their 11-year-old daughter, who accepts primitive tribal customs.  (Her greatest friend is a full-grown lion she has raised from a cub.) The affection between Robert and Christine gradually rekindles, and Robert adds to the mounting tension when he violates a tribal law by saving the life of a dying chief who has been abandoned.  Once recovered, the chief returns to his tribe and his son, Oriunga (Paul Oduor), who has wanted to take over the tribe and claim Tina as a wife.  The chief, however, tells him that he will never be a chief until he has killed a lion.  When the son chooses Tina's pet as his victim, the young girl orders the beast to kill the warrior.  After the lion has fatally mauled Oriunga, Bullitt is forced to kill it.  This act affects Bullitt's relationship with Tina, who now accepts Robert as her father.

Filmed in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika.

“Only a brave man goes after the lion… only a fool goes after the lion’s mate”