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The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) DVD Gary Cooper, Laraine Day, Signe Hasso, Dennis O'Keefe and Carol Thurston - Beautifully remastered!

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The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) DVD Region One. (Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Technicolor. Gorgeously re-mastered.

Starring: Gary Cooper, Laraine Day, Signe Hasso, Dennis O'Keefe and Carol Thurston. Written by: Alan Le May and Charles Bennett. Produced and Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Beautifully re-mastered.

 The Story of Dr. Wassell is a Technicolor World War II film set in the Dutch East Indies, produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille. It stars Gary Cooper, Laraine Day, Signe Hasso and Dennis O'Keefe. The film is based on a book James Hilton.

The Story of Dr. Wassell was inspired by the wartime activities of U.S. Navy Doctor Corydon M. Wassell (Gary Cooper) which were referred to by President Roosevelt in a radio broadcast made in April 1942. A section of this broadcast appears toward the end of the film.

For their work on this film, Farciot Edouart, Gordon Jennings and George Dutton received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

As the Japanese sweep through the East Indies during World War II, Dr. Wassell is determined to escape from Java with some crewmen of the cruiser Marblehead. Dr. Wassell saved a dozen or so wounded sailors who were left behind when able bodied men were evacuated to Australia.

 “Drama of Loyalty and Love! The Story the Whole World Has Heard About!”

“Mr. DeMille has dressed his picture in the most vivid Technicolored tropic hues. They make for a very pretty and seductive DeMillitary display.” – New York Times