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Widow’s Kiss (DVD) 1996 Beverly D'Angelo, Mackenzie Astin, Dennis Haysbert and Bruce Davison

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Widow’s Kiss (DVD) 1996 DVD Color Approx. 102 min. Playable in North America (the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Shown in its original 1.33:1 aspect ratio.

Starring: Beverly D'Angelo, Mackenzie Astin, Dennis Haysbert, Bruce Davison, Anna Maria Horsford and Barbara Rush. Written by Peter Foldy and Mark Donnelly Directed by Peter Foldy.

A few months after his mother's death, a bereaved Sean (Mackenzie Astin) is unhappy when his wealthy father Justin (Bruce Davison), marries Vivian (Beverly D’Angelo), a seductive blonde, a gold-digger with a 20-year-old son (Michael Woolson) from her previous marriage. And Sean is even more disturbed that his stepmother may be trying to seduce him as well. Or is that his adolescent imagination? When Justin has a sudden, fatal heart attack, Sean is certain that Vivian is responsible, but all the evidence points to natural causes, and his suspicions are dismissed. He decides to investigate on his own and hires a private detective, Eddie (Dennis Haysbert) to help.

“It's not just her looks that can Kill!”

*Very few prints of Widow’s Kiss exist. After an extensive search we found what we believe to be the best surviving elements. We are pleased to make this available here on DVD. The DVD has not been re-mastered and one should not expect state-of-the-art re-mastered quality - but it is a treasure for those who truly wish to see this wonderful psychological Beverly D’Angelo tour de force.