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Wild Boys of the Road (1933) DVD Pre-Code stunner with Frankie Darro, Rochelle Hudson Directed by William Wellman

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Wild Boys of the Road (1933) DVD B&W Approx. 68 min. Beautifully remastered. Optional subtitles in English or French. Playable in North America (the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Starring: Frankie Darro, Edwin Phillips, Rochelle Hudson, Dorothy Coonan, Sterling Holloway, Arthur Hohl, Ann Hovey, Grant Mitchell and Ward Bond. Written by Earl Baldwin and Daniel Ahern. Directed by William Wellman.

One Saturday night, Eddie Smith (Frankie Darro), Tommy Gordon (Edwin Phillips) and Eddie's girlfriend Grace (Rochelle Hudson) go to the high school prom. Casually chatting about the unemployment situation, Tommy tells Eddie that he is going to drop out of high school to look for work to help support his struggling family. Eddie offers to speak to his father (Grant Mitchell) about getting him a job, only to discover that his father has lost his job. Eddie sells his beloved car and gives the money to his father, but when his father remains unemployed, the bills keep piling up, and the family is threatened with eviction. Eddie and Tommy decide to leave home to ease the burden on their families. Eddie leaves a note, then they board a freight train, where they meet Sally (Dorothy Coonan), another teenager, who is hoping her aunt in Chicago can put her up for a while. They jump from the train, and end up in a milk transfer station, where they meet many teens in similar dire straits.

Eddie: “Go ahead! Put me in a cell. Lock me up! I'm sick of being hungry and cold. Sick of freight trains. Jail can't be any worse than the street. So give it to me!”