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Baby Blue Marine (1976) DVD Jan-Michael Vincent, Glynnis O'Connor, and Katherine Helmond

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Baby Blue Marine 1976 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color.  

Starring: Jan-Michael Vincent, Glynnis O'Connor, Katherine Helmond, Dana Elcar, Bert Remsen, Bruno Kirby, Richard Gere, Art Lund, Michael Conrad, Kenneth Tobey, Adam Arkin. Written by Stanford Whitmore. Directed by John D Hancock.

A young man (Jan-Michael Vincent) joins the Marines during WWII but fails to meet qualifications so is washed out and sent home in a light blue uniform which apparently indicates his status. He meets a real war vet in a bar who wants to go AWOL because he is afraid to be sent back. The Vet mugs the young man in the alley and takes his clothes, leaving him the war vet uniform to wear. The young man hitchhikes towards home but on the way he stops in a small Colorado mountain town and people think he is a war hero so he gets free food and so forth. A waitress (Glynnis O'Connor)at the cafe invites him home stay with her family an he falls in love. Curiously there is a supposed WWII American-Japanese internment camp very nearby in the woods. Later three American-Japanese teen boys escape from that camp and the young man is recruited to find them.

The whole town is ready to hunt them down and kill them as if they were actual Japanese soldiers.