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Hot Rod (aka Rebel of the Road) 1979 DVD Gregg Henry & Pernell Roberts

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Hot Rod (aka Rebel of the Road) 1979 DVD. (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.). Color.

Starring: Gregg Henry, Robert Culp, Robin Mattson, Grant Goodeve, Ed Bagley Jr., Topo Swope and Pernell Roberts. Written and directed by George Armitage.

Smell the burning rubber. You've got one 1940 Willys with a Hemi, a 1969 Cutlass, a 1965 Plymouth (that they call a Dodge), all revved up for some serious drag racing and street racing. It's a gearhead's dream, when young racer Gregg Henry comes to town. He cranks his motor to win a dragstrip competition where the outcome has already been fixed by a corrupt sheriff (Pernell Roberts) and the local mob.

But there is no stopping him.

"Brian Edison: It's slippin' a bit in third gear.
 Cannonball: Get me the 9/16th's and the Vise Grips!"