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Nobody's Perfect (1968) DVD Doug McClure, Nancy Kwan, James Whitmore, David Hartman, Gary Vinson and James Shigeta

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Nobody’s Perfect 1968 DVD (Region 1 - Playable in North America - The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Full-frame Color 103 minutes

Starring: Doug McClure, Nancy Kwan, James Whitmore, David Hartman, Gary Vinson and James Shigeta. Directed by Alan Rafkin.

NOBODY’S PERFECT chronicles the misadventures of the U.S.S. Bustard (a submarine tender) in Japan after the war. The crew has stolen a Buddha statue from a Japanese village, which if discovered missing would threaten Japanese-American relations. Doc Willoughby (Doug McClure) is the ship's Chief Petty Officer, whose antics are constantly getting him into trouble with his captain (James Whitmore). On shore leave, Willoughby falls for a seemingly demure Japanese girl (Nancy Kwan) in a kimono shop, who actually turns out to be a Japanese-American nurse in the US Navy, Lt. Tomiko Momoyama. However, it turns out she was betrothed as a child to a traditional Japanese man named Toshi (James Shigeta), who fully intends to wed her. Willoughby divides his time between trying to return the Buddha statue back to the Japanese village it rightfully belongs to, and trying to woo Tomiko from the traditional Japanese man she rightfully belongs to.

*Very few prints of NOBODY'S PERFECT exist. After an extensive search we found what we believe to be the best surviving elements. We are pleased to make this available here on DVD. The quality is not great – and one should not expect re-mastered quality - but it is a treasure for those who truly wish to see this wonderful mash-up, service comedy.