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The Round Tower (Catherine Cookson's - The Round Tower) DVD 1998

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The Round Tower 1998 DVD (Playable in North America – The US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Color Digitally re-mastered. Beautiful!

Starring: Emilia Fox, Denis Lawson, Isabelle Amyes, Keith Barron, Robert Cole. Written by T.R. Bowen, Catherine Cookson (novel). Directed by Alan Grint.

Set in mid-1950's England, this story tells of the wealthy, socially upwardly-progressive Ratcliffe family. Their youngest daughter, seventeen year old Vanessa (Emilia Fox), feels alienated from her selfish parents (Keith Barron and Jan Harvey), who are more interested in their eldest daughter's upcoming marriage into one of their town's old families. An old friend of the family (Denis Lawson), who is himself trapped in a loveless marriage, makes love to Vanessa one night, and she becomes pregnant, but won't reveal who the father is. Her parents are sure it is an employee of the Ratcliffe's, Angus Cotton (Ben Miles), who hotly denies this and quits his job to go and start his own business. Vanessa ends up leaving home, and when Angus hears of the poor conditions she's living in in a Newcastle skid-row neighborhood, he offers to marry her and she accepts…