Without Warning (1980)

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Without Warning DVD (Region 1) (1980) Full Frame. Color. Martin Landau, Jack Palance, Cameron Mitchell, Neville Brand, Tarah Nutter, Christopher Nelson.

Teenagers Tarah Nutter and Christopher Nelson head for a remote lake for some camping, but along the way an invasion from beyond the stars is perpetrated on various backwoods hunters and campers by a scarcely-seen space creature. The alien's attack employs an arsenal of toothy, pulsating frisbee discs that glow in the dark and fly into the necks and backs of various flannel-clad denizens of the woods. Jack Palance plays a crusty hunter who fancies the alien stuffed and mounted, not caring that it plans to do the same to him (now there's a trophy); Martin Landau turns in an eye-rolling performance as the local lunatic, whose paranoid ravings presage those of his character in the feature film The X-Files. Also known as It Came Without Warning.